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Tori Chords

"Tori" by John Mayer and Nickel Creek
 G2                        D
Don't know why, Tori came by,
 Em                             C
I could see by the look in her eyes
  G2                                 D
Tori been drivin' round the town for a while
   Em                     C
Playin with the thought of leavin
Don't know why
Tori just smiled
Mentioned something
Bout how you were right

G2              D
Must have been 
Em                                 C
Hard to see through the tears she was hidin'
G2                                  D
She said I might not be seein him soon
Em                                    C
Got a few things I've been waitin to do
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Chorus 1
G2              D
Hey Tori came by
 Em                 C
Tori came by tonight
G2                    D
Hey, Tori came by
Em                      C
She says to say goodbye

Verse 2:
Looked outside
At the car in the drive
And the suitcase on the backseat inside
Sure its so she cant look out behind that road

She said I might not be 
Seein' him soon
I've got a few things
I've been waiting to do

Hey, Tori came by, 
Tori came by tonight
Hey, Tori came by
She says to say goodbye

G2              D
Don't look now, 
She seemed alright
 C                               G2
You might be askin' where is Tori tonight
D                           Em                              C                          
Somewhere on the highway I'm sure she's fine