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The Will To Death Chords

Written by John Frusciante
E 	B	F#m A
And they're thought to be lies
	E	B F#m
But we saw them 
E	B	F#m    A
We looked right in their eyes
	E        B F#m A
Right at them
E	B	F#m     A
Pinning space to the world
	E	B	F#m
We're slaughtered, slaughtered
E	B	F#m   A
Not a sound to be heard
     E       B      F#m
We're awful, awful
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And have you seen, How they run
E      B
Out of gas
They beat the pain
They sing in the rain
Endless and formless
         E      B
They fly to the end
And back to the 
Beginning again
E 	B	F#m   A
Have you put them aside
     E	B	F#m
Your crazy thoughts and dreams
E	B	F#m    A
No they're a part of me
	E        B   F#m
And they all mean one thing
E	B	F#m       A
The will to death is what keeps me alive
	E          B    F#m
It's one step away, step away
Limitations are set
B        F#m     A      E        B  F#
Only then can we go all the way, the way

F#m                      E          B
And have you seen how the cars when they pass
They come your way
            E         B
Then they're speeding away
F#m	E    B
Coming to you and then going away
But for them nothing changed
             E       B
But for them nothing changed............little solo end