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Fly Away Chords

From : Achal Ashwin, Bangalore, India
Date : 12th July 2001, Wednesday(?)
Song: Fly Away
Artist : John Denver

Ok kids, this is my first posting . Thats right, I'm 17 years old and this
is my first posting. Call me slow.

I was trying to find the chords of this song and see if they were any different
from the chords I use but I couldn't find any version.
Hope this helps.

For those beginners who get scared of big words like [D7sus4] can use just
the [D7] chord.

Right then, enjoy yet another nice song by John Denver...........

P.S - Call your sister to sing the background stuff sung by Olivia Newton John.

Fly Away
John Denver

** [G] All  of  her  days  have  gone  soft  and cloudy
   All  of  her  dreams  have  gone [D7sus4] dry
   [G] All  of  her  nights  have  gone  sad  and  shady
   She's  getting  ready  to  [D7sus4] fly

   [Am] Fly Away [D7] , [Am] fly away [D7], fly [G] away [D7sus4]

[ Tab from: ]
   [G] Life  in  the  city  can  make  you  crazy
   For  sounds  of  the  sand  and  the [D7sus4] sea
   [G] Life  in  a  high  rise can make you hungry
   For  things  that  you  cant  even  [D7sus4] see

   [Am] Fly  Away [D7] , [Am] fly away [D7], fly [G] away [D7sus4]

***  [Am] In  this  whole  world  there's [Bm]  nobody as lonely  as [CaddD] she
     There's  [Am] nowhere  to  go  and  there's [D7] nowhere
     That  she'd  rather [G]  be  [d]  [G]  [d]  [G]  [GaddA]

   She's [G] looking  for  lovers and  children  playing
   She's  looking  for  signs  of  the [D7sus4] spring
   She [G] listens  for  laughter  and  sounds  of   dancing
   She  listens  for  any  old  [D7sus4] things

   [Am] Fly  Away [D7] , [Am] fly away [D7], fly [G] away [D7sus4]

   Repeat *** and **

 -  Achal Ashwin
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