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Hey everyone, just mucking around and playing to the song and this is what i came up with
not 100% but sounds very good when played with or without the song.
I can't be stuffed tabbing the strumming pattern so listen to the song, it's pretty damn 
to pick up.

Key: x - mute
     / - slide
     ~ - bend
     h - hammer
     p - pull off

Tuning- CGCGCE (Open C)

Intro: begins with 9 piece orchestra then John comes in at 00.12. This is played during 
verse aswell.

|--x-x-x-7-0-12-7---7-0-12-x-x--| He only plays the second way every now
|--x-x-x-4-0-11-6---4-0-11-6-6--| and again....listen for the change.

First Interlude: Still strumming but concentrate on the string being used more than the others.


then it kicks back into the main riff. but at the end of each he plays a little lick,
first 2 are the same and then the 3rd is a bit tricky.
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|------------|    |-12-10-----10-----|
|-6~p4-------|    |------12-11--11---|
|------7-5-4-| x2 |---------------12-|
|------------|    |------------------|
|------------|    |------------------|
|------------|    |------------------|

The song changes pace after the next verse into this little lick that John plays over 
over until the outro:

|----7h9/11-11-| He is still strumming during this but once again
|-7h9----------| concentrating mainly on the string being used.

Then that lick leads straight into the outro.

|-0/0/0/0--x--x--x-/14-| Obviously thats not exact but u get the jist...
|-4/6/7/9--11/12/11/14-| listen to the song and u will figure it out.



|-4/6/7/9--0--| Let the last note ring out.

Annnnd your done. As i said before im very lazy and you will have to listen to the song 
get it exactly with timing and the strumming pattern, but from this you should have no problems at all.
Peace and Love
Andy ;)