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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1996 23:38:44 -0300
From: Daniel Marchionatti Barbosa 
Subject: Wave by =?iso-8859-1?Q?Jo=E3o?= Gilberto

	This is one of my   favorites Tom Jobim's song, and whith Jo=E3o Gilberto's=
 voice it=20
gets almost unreal. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. By the way I have a=
 lot of=20
Brazilian songs, and I'd like to exchange it. Please e-mail me!

This song must be played in the good and old bossa-nova way. It's very=
 simple: bass-fingers,
 fingers, bass, fingers. The chords mai not be easy in the begining, but=
 whith some time you
'll get it. I'm sorry by my English and my mistakes, and if you find some=
 please notify me.=20
My e-mail:                                            =

           C6.9  G7.5+             Gm7 C7.9-
Vou te contar os olhos j=E1 n=E3o podem ver

           F7M       Fm7           E7.13 E7.5+ A7.9    =20
Coisas que s=F3 o cora=E7=E3o pode entender

        A.7.5+ D7.9=20
Fundamental =E9 mesmo o amor

        G7.5+             Cm7 G7.5+
=C9 imposs=EDvel ser feliz sozinho
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           C6.9 G7.5+               Gm7 C7.9-              =20
O resto =E9 mar =E9 tudo que eu n=E3o sei contar

            F7M          Fm7           E7.13 E7.5+ A7.9                    =
S=E3o coisas lindas que eu tenho pr=E1 te dar

         A7.5+ D7.9                                    =20
Fundamental =E9 mesmo o amor

         G7.5+           Cm7                 =20
=C9 imposs=EDvel ser feliz sozinho

Fm7          Bb7         Eb7M.9              =20
Da primeira vez era a cidade

Ebm7           Ab7.13   Db7M.9  Dm7.9                     =20
Da segunda o cais e a eternidade

  G7.5+      C6.9                              =20
Agora eu j=E1 sei

   G7.5+                  Gm7 C7.9-              =20
Da onda que se ergueu no mar
          F7M          Fm7           E7.13 E7.5+ A7.9      =20
E das estrelas que esquecemos de contar
A7.9       A7.5+   D7.9                                            =20
O amor se deixa surpreender

            G7.5+             Cm7                    =20
Enquanto a noite vem nos envolver

C6.9    X3223X
C       X3X010
C7.9-   X3232X
Cm7     X3X343
D7.9    X5455X
Dm7.9   X5355X
Db7M.9  X4354X
E7.13   0XX120
E75+    0XX110
Eb7M    X6X333
Eb7M.9  X6576X
Fm7     1X111X
F7M     1X221X        =20
Gm7     3X333X
G7.5+   3X344X
A7.9    X0542X
A7.5+   X0X021
Ab7.13  4X456X
Bb7     X1X131