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Subject: a/armatrading_joan/down_to_zero.crd
Date: 28 May 1997 18:13:20 +0100
From: "Boulton, Nic" 

>From the album Joan Armatrading. Played in A (capo at the 2nd fret), plus
tune up just a touch. Its in 3/4 time.


|G      |G     (C)|G      |G      |

|C      |C        |C      |C      |
 [....arpeggiated C on piano......]

|G      |G        |

|e      |d        |G      |G      |

|C/E    |d        |G      |G      |

C/E   o G
  * * * *
         Oh the feeling

  C/E   G
    *   *
         when you're reeling

         you step lightly thinking you're number one

C/E   o G
  * * * *
         down to zero with a

  C/E   G
    *   *
         word     leaving

            for another one

Em       d                               G
now you walk with your feet back on the ground

(C)Em            d                   G   /b /C
   down to the ground, down to the ground

Em                   d                   G
       down to the ground, down to the ground

C/E   o G
  * * * *
         brand new dandy

  C/E   G
    *   *
         first class scene stealer

            walks through the crowd and takes your man

C/E   o G
  * * * *
         sends you rushing to the mirror

  C/E   G
    *   *
         brush your eyebrows and say
[ Tab from: ]
            there's more beauty in you than anyone

   Em       d                     G
      oh remember who walked the warm sand beside you

(C)Em                d                        G
      ?move to your heel? let the waves come rushing in

Em                 d               C
     she took the worry from your head

but then again she put trouble in your heart instead

and you fall

Em               d                   G
   down to the ground, down to the ground

  C   o d
  * * * *
         you know heartache
    C   d
    *   *
         still more crying

              Em              G            d
when you're thinking of your mothers only son

  C   o d
  * * * *
         you take to your bed

    C   d
    *   *
         you say there's peace in sleep

     Em           G         d
but you dream of lo-ove instead   oh

     C                Em
the heartache you'll find can bring

G                    Em        d
more pain than the blistering sun

Em     (d)            G
    but oh, when you fall

Em     (d)            G          C
    but oh, when you fall   you fall at my

    C/E   d    G    G

||: C/E  |d   |G   |G    :||

[repeat verse 1] "oh the you walk with ....down to the

[repeat bridge] " you know heartache....fall at my door"


|C/E    |d    |G     |G


xx2010 - C/E
xx0000 - o (?G+6)
320003 - G
xx0232 - d
022000 - Em
x32010 - C

* is a strum, to give some idea of timing in the verses

small case letters are individual notes, (not chords)

h is a hammer on

p is a pull off

(C)D, (C)Em, etc. means strum the C real quick, then change *immediately*
to the next chord...sometimes she misses out the C entirely

in the intro & outro, emphasise the low notes in the D (=?D5 (xx023x))