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Thirteen Days Chords

artist: J. J. Cale 
song title: Thirteen Days 
Am   G   D    Am
Am   G   D    Am
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Am       G       D            Am
Thirteen days on a gig in the south
Am       G       D            Am
Thirteen days on a gig in the South.
Am               G       D           Am
We've got enough dope to keep us all around
Am                  G          D          Am
We've got two girls dancin' to bring in a crowd
G                      C
A sound man to mix us, make us sound loud
G                        C
Sometimes we make money, sometimes I don't know
Am               G         D        Am
There's thirteen days with five to go

Great song from a truly great songwriter. I actually have never heard JJ's version, this
is Tom Petty's, but I assume they are the same. JJ has also written, for those who don't
know, "Cocaine" and "After Midnight" (both made popular by Eric Clapton) and "Call Me the
Breeze" (made famous by Lynyrd Skynyrd).