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Wasted Chords

Artist - Jimmy Rankin
Song - Wasted

Note: use capo on 4th freet.

Intro: G F G F

C                                             Dm
I've been stayin' out all night with newfound friends
       F                   C
In the end , it's doin' no good
Burnin' up the wick at both ends, take what you can
        F                    C
In the end, you do what you should

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Am                        F
I'd trade all of the fine life
Em7                   F
everything that I've tasted
G                 F
Just to have you near
G                 F
Just to have you here 
G                Em7 - F
Just to have you oh
              C - F - C - F 
Instead I'm wasted

I've been losin' valuable time , killin' the blue
It's true, I'm useless these days
Trippin' in and out of my mind, wasted on you
All I can do, It's all I can say


Em7                 F
I dream in colours sublime
Em7                   F                      G
I'd love to show you yours, if you'd show me mine