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Ten Tab

Ten by Jimmy Eat World

Tabbed (Chorded?  is that a word?) by Jeffrey Chupp - 4:13 PM 12/4/2001

I think this is the first attempt to show how to play ten...
Standard Tuning

for the intro, play something like this

D----2------------|  over and over

when the words come in we start playing these three chords for the verse

   A   E/G# D/F#
D--2---2----0-------|  these chords are picked, not strummed.
A--0---2------------|  always hit the bass note first

Verse One:
A         E/G#            D/F#
We left behind the busy crowd.
A     E/G#           D/F#
So it seems we slow down.
A              E/G#                D/F#
Meet me with a way out through the lies.
A              E/G#           D/F#
Nowhere, going nowhere in the fake yellow light.

F#m   E  A
Blame no one. X2
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Verse Two:

A            E/G#      D/F#
The feelings change so fast.
A      E/G#          D/F#
Safety scares them away.
        A               E/G#        D/F#
I can't bring myself to say it's my own advice I need.
A                E/G#             D/F#
Nowhere and then nowhere.  Living trapped inside the chase.

Chorus Two:
F#m   E  A
Blame no one. X4

D,  E,  F#m

D                   E              F#m
Our weakness is the same.  We need poison sometimes. X2
   D            E          A
So take another drink with me.

Chorus Three:
F#m   E  A
Blame no one. X4

F#m, E, A played very high on the piano...

Declare Chords:

Normal Tuning

D/F#: 2X0232
D:    XX0232
A:    X02220
E/G#: 422100
E:    022100
F#m:  244222

Any suggestions or corrections can be emailed to me.  Feedback of any sort would be appreciated.
Jeff- djchupp@samford.edu