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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 00:12:58 EST
From: JGar113 
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: TAB: Ride Away by Jim Garland

Jim Garland is a great song writer from Georgia.  He plays acoustic/country
style music most of the time.  I know that he plays around Athens, Ga. alot
and is from Macon, I think.  I hear he is now making his first full length
album that will come out later in the spring.

                                                    Lose at Love

                                         -  words and music by Jim Garland

                                                       Transcribed by  B.
Verse 1

Intro : hit bass G twice then strum once, repeat twice

G                                      C
Just the other day, some asked me about you
D                                             G
   And I said that you were doin' fine.
I didn't bother to say that I ain't got a clue
D                                    G
  And I spend most of my time
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C          D                     G
 Wishin we were still together
          C                            D                      G
And keepin in touch with more than just a smile
C               D                     G
Pretendin that I'm feelin better
              C                         D                       Gsus
Though not once have we kissed in quite a while

                       D                  C
Still thinkin'  about you all the time
Through all the pain and strife
      G                                   C
I'm holdin on to pieces of my own dear life
                     D         D7
And that ain't right

        G                            D
You lose at love and your heart breaks
                C                     Am
But if you fall in love, it's a risk you take
          G      D                G
It ain't fair,  . .  . but it's true
           C                            Am
And I want break down and wash away
       Em                C
Cuz all I got left is all I got to say
            G             D                      G
All the little lies, .  .  .about me and you.

Verse 2

The way the story goes
I am doin great, and we are still in love
Through the highs and lows
We are bound by fate, It's like a gift from God above

And every time we swear its over
You come runnin back to me
Swearin that you'll never love another
And freedom's not what you thought it would be

Still thinkin about you all the time
I'm 'bout to go insane,
Guilty goin crazy 'bout the things I claim
To be right

Chorus same except end with
                             D    D7
. . . about me and you

Repeat Chorus

                            - words and music by Jim Garland