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Date: Wed, 16 Aug 1995 18:05:05 -0400

Words and music by Jim Croce

I don't gamble, I don't fight
I don't be hangin' in the bars at night
Yeah I used to be a fighter
But <A>now I am A <B7>wiser man<E>
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I don't drink much, I don't smoke
I don't be hardly mess around with no dope
Yeah I used to be a problem
But <A>now I am A <B7>careful man<E>

But if you used to want to see a commotion
You should have seen the man that I used to be
I was trouble in perpetual motion
Trouble with a capital "T"

Stayin' out late, havin' fun
And shot off every single shot in my gun
Yeah I used to be a lover
But now I am an older man


(REPEAT LAST VERSE, New last line:)
Yeah I used to be a terror but now I am a tired man