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The Gift Chords

The Gift
By Jim Brickman and Tom Douglas
Sung by Olivia Newton-John

D - A - Bm - F# - G - D - G - A
D	       A			
Winter snow is falling down 
Bm		  F#
Children laughing all around 
G		     D
Lights are turning on
       G                   A
like a fairy tale come true.

D	       A
Sitting by the fire we made 
Bm		  F#
You're the answer when I prayed 
G            D
I would find someone 
G                A
and baby I found you.

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          D	     G        Asus  A
And all I want is to hold you forever 
      D           G          Asus  A
All I need is you more every day 
D            F#
You saved my heart 
           Bm	     E7
from being broken apart
You gave your love away 
                 Asus  A
and I'm thankful every day 
for the gift.


D		A
Watching as you softly sleep 
Bm		 F#
What I'd give if I could keep 
G         D
Just this moment 
   G               A
if only time stood still.	

D	       A
But the colors fade away 
Bm		   F#
And the years will make us grey 
G              D
But baby in my eyes 
       G              A
You'll still be beautiful.


Intro (end on D chord)

*Then ending is a little shortened, since there's a piano solo during the end. No big deal.*