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this is such a great comdedy punk record:



play this throughout the whole song with a gap for the 1-2-3-4 part.

i've been going out with a girl
her name is julie
but last nite she said to me when we were whatching telly
she said, 
listen john i love u 
but there's this bloke i fancy
i don't want to two time you, so its the end for you and me
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who's this bloke a asked her 
gordon she replied
not that puff i said his name 
yes, but hes no puff she cried

i was so upset that i cried all the way to the chip shop
when i came out there was gordon standing at the bus stop
and guess who wa with him?
yeah julie
and they where both laughing at me

oh, she's cruel and heartless to pack me for gordon
just coz hes better lokking than me
just coz he's cool and trendie

gordon is a moron (repeat)