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Intuition Chords

Performed By Jewel Kilcher

This song isn't really an acoustic song, but you can make it one, and that is
exactly what I did. NOTE: This is not EXACTLY how they play it on the recording,
it is just a way you can play it. It sounds cool.

Chords, and how to play them in this song:

Bb- X00331
Eb- X013X1 (you can just play the B string, if you want)
Am- X02210
Dm- XX0231
C- 032010
D- XX0232

Okies, here we are:

Intro: Eb, Bb, Am  X 2
(sing) Da, da, da.... (you can sing the accordian part)
Bb                     Eb Am  Bb                 Am C            
I'm just a...                 Never try......

Eb          Am Bb    Bb         Eb Am  C
They say....        Kate... (lyrics?)   

  Bb            Am Bb      Am            Bb Eb
In a world....            What was....
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Dm       Bb        Am     C                   Dm  Bb
It's not....      Understand       Just....

 Bb             G      Eb         Am
Just foll....         Your int....

Am                   Bb            Dm
Surely (lyr.?)...   In the right direction

Bb            G      Eb        Am
Let go...          Your in....

Am            Bb           G     D         Bb Am
It's easy.....      Just follow your heart, baby

Intro to
Verse 2, same as verse 1
Eb        Dm Bb     Am              Eb
You could....       Sell yo....

Eb        Dm Bb      Bb         Dm     
You could...         You'll... Wait...

       Am   Bb Am C Bb     C
If you....                Don't....

      Bb                Eb
I pro....   It won't.....

Chorus until out.

On the chorus, the G (and once Bb) is when she slurs up on "heart" (Just so ya know)

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