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Sgt Major Chords

Song:Sgt. Major 
Album:Get Born
Tabbed by the big eejit.

Intro is just the A chord

-first Verse-
Wake up major and stitch on your hat
You fell out of bed, and then you landed in the cache
C#               A2
So whats in your diary today?
Call on your main man, what can he do for you?
Hang out with stupid, so you can tell him what to do
C#     A2         
Major, this is your day

-Pre Chorus-
F#       C#          A2                     E5
Livin' alone in a jar never gets you very far
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G                     F#minor
He can read your mind, make you feel alright 
C#         A2                 E5
Sgt. Major knows what you want
G                     F#minor
He knows who you are, one day you'll be a star
C#        A2                 E5
Sgt Major knows what you want

Take out your paper and throw it all away
Everything is useless ain't got a lot to say
Major this is your way

The major is drowning 'cause he opened his mouth
He starts to explain it, but nothing's coming out
Major what can you say?

I hope that you like who you are
Cause livin' alone in a jar never gets you very far

-The chorus is the same-

I know that you think that you made it
I know what I meant to say
While you looked in the mirror 
I was getting away
For you there is ther is nothing to say


Then play C#, A2, E5 till the end

Chords used
  -0-        -2-   -5-   -5-   -x-   -2-
  -2-        -2-   -7-   -5-   -x-   -2-
A -2- F#minor-2- C#-7- A2-6- E5-x- F#-3- 
  -2-        -4-   -7-   -7-   -2-   -4-
  -0-        -4-   -5-   -7-   -2-   -4-
  -0-        -2-   -5-   -5-   -0-   -2-