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Taste Of Cindy Chords

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From: mpc@ursula (Miguel Pupo Correia)

Taste of Cindy - The Jesus & Mary Chain
(acoustic version - in "Barbed Wire Kisses")

Crack of Dawn
F              C
Cindy's moving on
F                C
Talking Cindy to everyone
G                 C
Til she's had her fun
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She can't be
F                     C
We cruise the sun and sea
F                      C
Still she's talking to everyone
G               C
Cindy's had her fun

C         F
Well I've done it before
Still I need more and more
I just can't get away
Cindy kills me everyday
      F  G            C
ah ah ah...     ah ah ah...
      F  G            C
ah ah ah...     ah ah ah...

And I tried and tried

but she looked right thru me
Knife to my head when she talks so sweetly
Knife in my head when I think of Cindy
Knife in my head is a taste of Cindy
G               C
ah...     ah ah ah...
      F  G            C
ah ah ah...     ah ah ah...