Jd Souther Chords & Tabs

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01. All I Want Chords
02. Faithless Love Chords
03. Go Ahead And Rain Chords
04. How Long Chords
05. If You Dont Want My Love Chords
06. If You Have Crying Eyes Chords
07. Ill Take Care Of You Chords
08. Its The Same Chords
09. Jesus In 3-4 Time Chords
10. Kite Woman Chords
11. Last In Love Chords
12. Out To Sea Chords
13. Till The Bars Burn Down Chords
14. White Rhythm And Blues Chords
15. Wishing On Another Lucky Star Chords
16. Youre Only Lonely Chords
17. Youre Only Lonely (ver 2) Chords