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This Road Chords

This Road
by Dan Haseltine, Charlie Lowel, Matt Odmark and Stephen Mason
CD: City on a Hill

E            A/E   E 
All heavy lad-  en, acquinted with sorrow,
C#m    B       E
may Christ in our marrow carry us home.
         A/E   E 
From alabas-   ter come blessings of laughter,
                C#m           B             E
a fragrance of passion and joy from the truth.

Bridge(or whatever its called)

E   A/E   E     A/E

E   A/E   E  B  C#m
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             A/E   E
Grant the unbro-   ken, tears ever flowing,
                      C#m   B        E
from hearts of contrition only for You.
A/E   E 
May sin never hold true that love never broke through
C#m         B          C#m 
for God’s mercy holds us, and we are his own.

A       E                 A               E
This road that we trav-  el, may it be the straight and narrow.
             A           C#    B    C#m7     B 
God give us peace and grace from You     all the day.
E               A      E                         A 
Shelter with fi-  re, our voices we raise still higher.
               A           C#m   B    C#m    B            E
God, give us peace and grace  from You   all the day through.

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