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The Stone Chords

This is my first time "tabbing". It sounds right, so it should be good. Ha :)
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TITLE: The Stone
ARTIST: Jars of Clay
CD: City on a Hill (2000)

E [022100]
C#m [046600]
B [024400]
F#m [044200]
A [002200]


     C#m            B          E
The stone that the builder's rejected
     C#m          B    A
Has become the corner stone
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    A       E 
Ascribed greatness
    A       E
Ascribed greatness
    A       E
Ascribed greatness
        C#m  B  A 
To the Rock so high

[x 2]


F#m           A
  You are a sanctuary
     C#m        B
  A shelter, A shade
  From the heat of the day
F#m            A   
  You are a hiding place
     C#m       B
  A tower, A refuge
  From the storm and the rain
A               B    
  My Rock and foundation
  C#m         B         A 
  You have become my salvation