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Sad Clown Chords

Em/// A7///

Verse One 

Em                       A7                Em            A7
Say how's the weather, so I look out the window 
                            C7                         B7
To brighten my soul, but I can't control the rain 
That keeps falling. 
Em                      A7            Em           A7
Smile on the outside that never comes in 
                                   C7          B7       
A comedy, mystery, irony, tragedy
So I scream, "Let the show begin"

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(do, do do do do do do before chorus and after you break me open) 
Em                              A7  
You break me open, turn on the light
C            B7              C            B7
Stumble inside with me with me

Verse two 

Em            A7    
Do I entertain you 
Em                                           A7                     C7
Do I preoccupy you, with my wit to cover this lie 
Are you mesmerized 
                                    C7                                      B7
Do you think me faithful, or do you think me a clown
                               Em                    A7
I picked out this shirt, put on this hat 
                          C7                 B7
I wore all this paint just for you 

(goes back into chorus after a few bars of do do do do do do do)