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Diabetic Squirrel Chords


      E                         A
I'm a diabetic squirrel and I'm sitting in a tree,
D                      G
Chewing on the acorns, which are sugar free,
  E                   A
I can't eat sweets, I don't drink beer,
D                     G
Lack of insulin, is my biggest fear
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D                   C
Foot and mouth, mad cow disease,
    G                              A
But don't forget the squirrel with diabetes
D               C
Swine fever and Killer bees,
G                                  A
But don't forget the squirrel with diabetes

(Verse 2)
      E              A
Had an Oral Glucose Tolerance test,
D                          G
Dunno what it is, but it's for the best
   E                    A
I've a low fat diet, no chocolae cake,
D                   G
And a limited daily salt intake

*         *        *        *       *       *

Music and Words by James Bailey