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Best Of Both Worlds (intro) Chords

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27th February 2001, 9.18pm


Written by Bruce Foxton

From CD 5 of 'Direction, Reaction, Creation'

Chords used:

A:    x02220 or 577655    G:  320033 or 355433
C#m:  x46654              C:  x32010 or x3555x
D:    xx0232 or x5777x    Bm: x24432
E:    022100 or x7999x
F#m:  244222
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The intro is something like:
                              A (main riff)
---------------------       ---------------------
--------14-15-14-12--       --------14-15-14-12--
-----14-------------- then  -----14-------------- (x3)
--14-----------------       --14-----------------
--0------------------       ---------------------

F#m  E            D
     Best Of Both Worlds
F#m  E            D
     Best Of Both Worlds
F#m  E            D
     Best Of Both Worlds
F#m  E            D       G
     Best Of Both Worlds

A (w/main riff x7) then  -------------

This is as close as I can get it - the lyrics that have a question
  mark after them are as close I as I could get although I'm pretty
  sure they're not right.  If anyone can shed any light on what the 
  lyrics are please get in touch.  Cheers.
---------------------       ---------------------