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Dil Hare Chords

Band: Jal   Song: Dil Haare

INTRO:    G C Em D
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jal/dil_hare_crd.html ]
 G                          C
Aankhon se jab bhi ho teri ankhain juda
G                      C
man se jab bhi ho tera man khafa
        Em            C
to ji pukaare bulaaye tujhe
        Em               D
to man ghabraaye bulaaye tujhe 
      G             Em
dil haare pukaare tujhe
       C           D
man ja re mana le mujhe
      G             Em
sun pyaare laga le gale
        C               D
kho ja re to ga re sang re
G          C
ho ho hooo hooh0oo
G         C
hoo hooo hooohoo

Thats more than enough.Rest of the part u will do yourselves.Till then 
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