Jack Penate Chords & Tabs

Song name Rating
01. Got My Favourite Tab
02. Have I Been A Fool Chords
03. Have I Been A Fool Tab
04. Learning Lines Tab
05. Made Of Codes Tab
06. Made Of Codes Bass Tab
07. My Yvonne Tab
08. No One Lied Tab
09. Pull My Heart Away Chords
10. Run For Your Life Chords
11. Run For Your Life Acoustic Tab
12. Second Minute Or Hour Chords
13. Second Minute Or Hour Tab
14. Second Minute Or Hour Bass Tab
15. Second Minute Or Hour (ver 2) Bass Tab
16. Second Minute Or Hour (ver 3) Bass Tab
17. Silence In Speech Chords
18. So Near Tab
19. Spit At Stars Chords
20. Spit At Stars (ver 2) Chords
21. Spit At Stars Tab
22. Spit At Stars Bass Tab
23. Tonights Today Tab
24. Torn On The Platform Chords
25. Torn On The Platform Tab
26. Torn On The Platform (ver 2) Tab
27. Torn On The Platform Acoustic Chords
28. When We Die Chords