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Poor Taylor Tab

Jack Johnson
Poor Taylor Solo Riff

Tabbed by Julian Parris

This is pretty much as correct as you can get with the
tabs that are online. If you have any suggestions, email

When playing, try to pick with a little funk -
just like jack

(Jack playes with his guitar tuned down 50 cents, which
is 1/4 step down, so, for example, the E string is actually
inbetween Eb and E)

// = slap
s = slide
h = hammer on
p = pull off

e       -----------------------------------------------|
B       -----------------------------------------------|
G       -----------------------------------------------|
D       -----------------------------------------------|
A       ---1h3--//---1--1--1h3p1-----1--1--------------|
E       --------------------------3---------0h1--//----|

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/jack_johnson/poor_taylor_tab.html ]
e       ------------------------------------------------|
B       ------------------------------------------------|
G       ------------------------------------------------|
D       --------------------1-1-1h3p1----1p0------------|
A       --------1h2--2h3-//-----------3-----3p1---------|
E       ---1h3---------------------------------0h1---//-|

e       -----------------------------------------------|
B       -----------------------------------------------|
G       -----------------------------------------------|
D       ------------------------------------1s3--3s5---|
A       -----1-----1-----1-----1----1-1s3--------------|
E       -1h3---1h3---1h3---1h3-------------------------|

e       -----------------------------------------------|
B       ----------------------4--4---------------------|
G       ----------------------2--2---------------------|
D       5-5s3--2p0------------3--4---------------------|
A       -----------------------------------------------|
E       -----------0h1--//-----------------------------|