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You And Me Chords

			     You And Me - J-kwon
Tabbed by: Ralph Darwin S. Angulo

Just listen to the song, and you'll hear how it goes.
But uhm there's only 3 chords used in this song.

It's first a D in the 5. fret. Then an Am7, then Gm7 and then back to Am7!
This is the chords all the way.
[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/j/j_kwon/you_and_me_crd.html ]
          D                     A#m7                 G#m7

Ehm, actually I wanna thank the guys who helped me with playing the guitar, and
still helping! Kuya Reinart, kuya Carlo, kuya Steven, kuya Jan B, ate May and
the first who thought me something... CHRIS L! And Jesus Christ for always being
by my side, helping me to teach learning!=D
Thanks to CFC - Youth For Christ for always supporting!