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Greatest Hits 20 Chords

hELLo there everybody !!!!
Now these r sum songs that i've composed myself....
if u realy want 2 hear what they really sound like
just email me !!!!
now when u sing these songs, remember "u sing the song,
don't let the song sing u !? "
(wordz of wisdom Kenif Isaac 2001)

my first song will be ....

"so whats it gonna be"

intro: Db (then slide to) D , Dm7 , CMaj7 , A (repeat x4)

(slow strummin' , cos it's a sad song)

main tune: D , Dm7 , Cmaj7, A (repeat as many times as u wanna)
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and u just make up the words as u go , kewl aye (u can even
talk through the whole song if ya wanna) !!!!

my next song will be ...

"life as is it is now on the west side of the room"

(play all in bar chords)

intro: A (then slide to) G , Cm7 , F , G (x2)

main tune: G , Cm7 , F , G (again repeat as many times as u wanna)

pretty kewl huh ?!

if u all r impressed by my composin' skills, giz 'a email.

specialy u lovely ladies out there !!!!

songz sung 4 loved 1's !!!!
sung by KeNiF !!!!