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Warning Acoustic Chords

I heard this played live by Mikey and Brandon out west on a radio station, it's 
on aries as well.  Probably the easiest incubus song to play as well as sing, it's also one of 

The Chords
      B     A      G     F#1    F#2     Em      Bsus4

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Get strum pattern from the song itís really simple
Mi Mi MiMiMiMI
B          A    B      A            B          A           B         A
Bat your eyes girl     We'll be otherworldly   Count your blessings
G                    F#1
Seduce a stranger
B         A     B      A      B    A        B          A
What's so wrong with  Being happy  Kudos to those who
G                           F#1
See through sickness yeah
F# Em Riff
Over and over and over and over and ooooo
Bsus4                        A
She woke in the morning
Bsus4                      A
She knew that her life had passed her by
Bsus4                        A
She called out a warning
Bsus4                          G    F#1
Don't ever let life pass you by