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Squarehead Chords


You can kick me out of a real good jive
You can use my friendship like a doorknob
You can make me super styrofoam
You can make me feel all alone
You can stuff hamburger in my head
But I ain't gonna be no squarehead
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You can tempt me with a pretty girl
You can call on me in fancy fur
You can say, "Just do it, everyone is"
You can tell me that it's just showbiz
You can turn my life from green to red
But I ain't gonna be no squarehead

You can burn my bridges down for laughin', ha ha ha ha
You can call me a fool for crashin', woh
You can make me stare down at the floor
You can make me listen while you snore
You can do all these things that I have said
But I ain't gonna be no squarehead
Let's go!

You can make my position low as a dog
You can trick me with your social fog
You can criticize my very bag
You can call my treasures a heap of slag
But you might as well eat lunch instead
Cause I ain't gonna be no squarehead

Tabbed by: ARIK
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