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She Says Chords

                             ***She Says***
                               Howie Day

This one is off the CD "Australia" and is one of Howie's best songs.
It played with a single accoustic guitar, and while it is a simple
song, it sounds great.  Listen to the song for timing and strum
pattern. Have fun with it and email me if you have any problems.


C:    X32010
C*:   X32030
F:    X33211
G:    320003
Am:   X02210

Intro:  strum quickly  C C   C* C* C*   C C   Cmag 7 Cmag 7 Cmag7
(continue into verse)
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(Verse) Sweet as the sight of a room, window opened by candlight,
 ohhh would you know?  Cold winter on the shore chills the dress she
                            F       G       C       Am       F
(Bridge)  Thats why I am wondering why you had to tell me, what's
   G    C         Am            F
going on in your head, what's wrong...

                  F                    G                       Am
(Chorus)And when she says she wants somebody else, I hope you know she
        C                   F                      G
doesnt mean you.  And when she breaks down, and makes a sound, you'll
        Am             C
never hear her the way that I do...