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Date: 11/29/96; 5:54:51 PM
From: Bo 
Subject: Re: Dutch Newton user group

Hello  there  Cowpie  friends.  I'm  not  sure  if there's a X-mas Issue
coming  out  but if there is, you might like a bit of borderline-country
with  a  certain X-mas feel to it. At least that's how I'd describe this
excellent  song.  
Either  my  guitar is off tune or Jim played this in C#. I'm doing it in
C  for  easy  reference,  but if you wish to play it in C# put a capo on
fret  1.  Playing  it  exactly as Croce does would be quite a challenge,
but I'm using a simple picking pattern on the open chords.
So,  y'all  have  a nice Christmas, and if you have some making up to do
to  your love, this one will absolutely do the trick - and possibly more
than that - none of which I shall be held responsible for :)

		It Doesn't Have To Be That Way - Jim Croce
		     tabbed by Bo (

(CAPO on 1)
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C     Em/B        Am        C/G   F  Em       C
Snowy nights and christmas lights, icy window pane,
C       Em/B      Am      C/G D7        G
make me wish that we could be together again.
        C     Em/B   Am  C/G  F     Em             C
And the windy winter aven-ues, just don't seem the same,
        C         Em/B   Am         C/G
and the Christmas carols sound like blues,
        F        G7     C
but the choir is not to blame.

       C Em/B  Am  C/G F       Em 
But it doesn't have to be that way,
F       Em         F          C
what we had should never have ended.
C   Em/B Am  C/G F    Em 
I'll be dropping by today;
F        Em     F        C       D7      G            C      G  F  C  G
we could easily get it together tonight.... it's only right.

Crowded stores that ...(*) Santa Claus, tinseled afternoons,
and the side walk bands play their songs, slightly out of tune.
On the windy winter avenues, there walks a lonely man
and if I told you who he is 
well I think you'd understand.


(*)  I've listened to this piece over and over again, but I can't figure
     out what he's singin here. But then again I'm foreign :)