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You First Believed Chords

(Capo on 4th fret)

C* - x3x233
C9 – x32033
G/B – x20003
G/B* - x20000
G/B** - x20033
D/F# - 2xx23x

How many times did I pray you’d find me
How many wishes on a star
Gazing off into the dark
Dreaming I’d see your face
         C9 ---
Safe at home unafraid 
Captured in your embrace

(same chord pattern)
So many times when my heart was broken
Visions of you would keep me strong
You were with me all along
Guiding my every step
You were all that I am
And I’ll never forget
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      G         C9
It was you who first believed
     G      G/B**   C9
In all that I was   made to be
       G/B         C9
It was you looking in my eyes
     G      G/B**
You held my hand
And showed me life
          Em7  D/F#      C9
And I’ve never been the same
                         GG/B** - C9C* (2x)
Since you first believed

(do verse 1 chords)
There were times when I thought I’d lost you
Fearing forever was a dream
But it wasn’t what it seemed
Placing your hand in mine
You could see in the dark
You were guiding my heart

(except last line)

 EmD/F# - C9   
…believed, oh…


           G                     C9  
How many times did I pray you’d find me
          G/B**    D/F#      C9 
How many wishes    on a     star