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Hate To Say I Told You So Tab

Hate To Say I Told You So Tab

First thing's first. I'm new to guitars, and I've only been playing for a few months, 
is my first tab. But I think I'm pretty good with picking up melodies, bass lines and 
If you wanna make sense of this, you need two things on your computer in order to
understand what I'm talking about. They are (1) a high quality STEREO MP3 where you
can listen to 
the left speaker or the right speaker in addition to both at once (I recommend you
download Winamp to do this if you don't already have it) and (2) a high quality copy of
the music video (I'm not sure if you can split the speakers with the video, which is why
you might need the mp3), which can be downloaded via KaZaALite or Limewire.

Now I ought to explain all this "separate speaker" crap I'm talking about. I saw this 
about a Guns N Roses album where the guitarists are on separate speakers. Well, I tested 
and sure enough The Hives did it on H.T.S.I.T.Y.S. In fact, you'd be surprised how many
artists/bands do this, most notably Hendrix, only he separates the guitar, bass, and

else he has in a single song. The Hives, of course, split two guitarists.

Judging from the music video, Nicholaus Arson (the skinny guy) is the guy on the right 
and he plays alone at the beginning and alone right after the bass + vocal solo. He 
throughout the entire song. I think he's using Overdrive.

Repeat A LOT
If you listen closely to Arson's side, you'll hear a faint echo. I'm not sure exactly 
or what is doing this, and even if I did, I don't know what they're hitting, so I can't 

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Just before the chorus and at the end of it, hit this, the Bridge:

Now that leaves Vigilante Carlstroem (the big guy) on your left speaker. This is the 
that most correct tabs of the song have down. The problem is that folks forget there are 
guitarists in the band. He's using Distortion as well as Wah.

Again, repeat an awful lot
Just like the ghostly echo on Arson's side, there's something you'll only notice if you 
very carefully. For Carlstroem, you'll notice right after the intro he slides up and 
some. Again, I'm not skilled enough to tab this out, so you'll have to figure this out on your own.

Now we come to the Bridge. Instead of hitting his strings open like Arson, Carlstroem 
the very last frets of his strings. It's a double digit number, so I can only print an 
but you get the picture:

Now, I didn't put the intro or verse because for the Nicholaus and Vigilante, it's the 
thing. The loud distortion and wah you hear during the chorus is Dr. Matt Destruction, 
bassist. I can't play bass, so I can't tab that here.

Make large use of Overdrive, Wah, Distortion, maybe even a Tremolo Bar.

At the very end, both of them are just hitting the 22nd fret on the B and High E (5th 
6th) strings.

If you've got a problem or want to add to this, or if you think I tabbed it perfectly, 
me at