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Beautiful Tab

HIM - Beautiful

?tabbed by Alex Behrens (abe99@gmx.net)

Main Riff (Synth arr. for Guitar)
    Abm         B           F#        Bbm

   B           C#          Ebm

Intro/Main Riff:  Abm B F# Bbm    B C# Ebm
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Verse 1:
Just one look into your eyes
One look and I'm crying
                F#    C#
Cause you're so beautiful
Just one kiss and I'm alive
One kiss and I'm ready to die
                F#    C#
Cause you're so beautiful

 [Main Riff]

Verse 2:
Just one touch and I'm on fire
One touch and I'm crying
Cause you're so beautiful
Just one smile and I'm wild
One smile and I'm ready to die
Cause you're so beautiful


Chorus [Main Riff]:

Oh and you're so beautiful
My Darling

Oh you're so beautiful
You're so beautiful
Oh my Baby

You're so beautiful

And you're so beautiful
Oh my Darling
Oh my Baby                Ebm
And you're so beautiful