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New Generation Chords

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Song: New Generation 
Artist: Hillsong
Tabbed by: sarahcanrana (girl-tarist@ultimate-guitar.com)
Tuning: Standard

Intro: G C (x2)
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-Verse 1- 
          G                      C9
There's a new generation that is seeking Your face 
          G                      C9
There's a new generation that is taking their place 
Am       D
Lord, we surrender 
        G        D/F#  Em   
To Your will let it be done 
          C9             D                     G
Come this day, have Your way  Let Your kingdom come 
        C9            D
We will rise (We will rise) 
        C9           D
We will run (We will run) 
        C9                D
We will exalt the name of Jesus 
       C9       D/F# Em
By His blood we over-come 
        C9            D 
We will sing (We will sing) 
        C9             D
We will dance (We will dance) 
Come on and celebrate 
    D              G
The kingdom of our God 

-Verse 2- 
          G                      C9             
There's a new generation that is running by faith 
          G                      C9
There's a new generation that is willing to pray 
Am           D
Wind of revival 
         G      D/F#       Em
Come and sweep across this land 
       C9               D            G
What a change! With one move of Your Mighty Hand 

(Repeat Chorus 2x) 
G D/F# Em             C9            D              G
          Come on and celebrate the kingdom of our God (2x)