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Jesus The Same Chords

Hiii....all!!!! the worshipers of God....Here come a new chords from me
(c_soen@hotmail.com) And this is not quite new song, but sing it for God!

E                                   B                   A
There's a light in the darkness that shines
Giving hope to all the world
Hope to all the world
E                                                 B             A
And there's a door that's been opened to all
Into a new and living way
A new and living way 

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E                              B
Praise the name of Jesus
A             E                 F#m   A     B
Perfect Redeemer, Star of the Morning
E         B       A               E            F#m
Yesterday, today and forever
        E         A
Jesus the Same...

There's a fire that burns in our hearts
To see the lost return
To the Father
And it's a passion that's not of our own
We have seen it in the Son
In the face of the Son

F#m     E     A        B
Wonderful Counsillor
F#m                     E
Mighty God, Eternal Father
A                 B
Prince of Peace