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Glory Chords

E                         A2
Great is the Lord God almighty
E                     A2
Great is the Lord on High
E                                A2
The Train of his robe fills the temple 
        Bsus4     C#m7   A2
and we cry out highest praise

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(pre chorus)
A2 E/G#       C#m7  B
Glory to the risen king
A2 E/G#      f#m
Glory to the son
Glorious son //


Lift up your heads

open the doors
Let the king of Glory come in
      A2    C#m7    B
and forever be our God

Verse 2  (same cords)

Holy is the Lord God Almighty 
Holy is the Lord on high

Let all the earth bow before you
and Crown you Lord of all 

Pre ch.