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Stronger Than Chords

Stronger Than Chords by Hillsongs
Submitted By: Mark Ruelson 
From Philippine Student Alliance Lay Movement (PSALM)
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D   Em  C
Oh Lord You have shown Your favor
D         Em         C
Your every word stands true
D   Em   C
I'm  found safe within in Your harbor
D        Em    C
Anchored deep in You
    Am             G/B
You washed away my tears
Gave me joy and freedom
Am          G/B         C
Lifting me through the years

              G       Am
Your love is stronger than
    C                  D
The sound of heaven's  praises
G       C
Higher than
    Am              D
The lofty mountain peaks
G       Am
Deeper than
      C            D
The deepest ocean valleys
Am      G/B       C
Strong enough for me

Hope You Like It...
God Bless!!!