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Hey, did my best to figure out this one. Not really a fan of Hilary but I kinda liked
this song. Okay well, if you have any comments or questions my email is gcharlotte@comcast.net

Now you know (a cinderella story soundtrack)
Hilary Duff

C9 G2 Em7 G2
In these eyes
More than words
More than anything that I've spoken
As the skies turned to gray 
My heart's is just about to crack open

F#m E B A2
So the story goes
There's something you should know
Before I walk away 
and I blow the ending
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E  B  A2  E  B  A2  E  B  A2  C#m  B  A2
 I never wanna be with out you
Oh no, here I go 
Now you know 
What I feel about you
there's no running
I must have been wrong to doubt you
Oh no , there I go 
No control and I'm fallen 
So now you know

Feel so right 
Craving oxygen 
All this truth's left me empty
Will you run
Can you handle it
Cause I need you to tell me

Maybe this is bold
But I'm hoping you'll stay for the happy ending

Am  C  Am  C
No I won't look back
When I tell you what I think about you 
No I won't look back 
When I tell you what I think about you

So the story goes
You already know
So don't be a fool
And go spoil the ending