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Come Clean Chords

Hilary Duff
Come Clean
From: Metamorphesis
Transcribed by: D. Heinl

[[[[[Capo 4]]]]]

  Em          Em          C          C

            Em                      C
Verse: Lets go back, back to the beginning
                        Em                  G
       Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars
             C     Asus4
       All aligned

             Em                     C
Verse: Cause perfect didn't feel so perfect
                       Em            G               
       Trying to fit a square into a circle 
              C     A
       Was no life, I defy

                Em        C        G       D
Chorus: Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams
	       Em    C      G   A
	Let it wash away my sanity, 'cause I 
        Em             C          G     D
	wanna feel the thunder, I wanna scream
                Em        C
        Let the rain fall down
             G       A
        I'm coming clean
                   Em   C
        [I'm coming clean, Oh]
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           Em                       C
Verse: I'm shedding, Shedding every color
                        Em         G                
       Trying to find a pigment of truth beneath 
          C     Asus4
       my skin, oh

             Em                        C
Verse: Cause different doesn't feel so different
                        Em          G           
       And going out is better than always 
               C   A
       staying in. Feel the wind


                   Em   G   C  A
Bridge: I'm coming clean
	             Em   G   C  A
	I'm coming clean      oh yeah

	Em      C        G  D
	Let the rain fall
	Em      C        G  D            C  A
	Let the rain fall      I'm coming


	Em  C     G       A   Em  C   G        A
Ending:   Oh I'm coming clean, Oh I'm coming clean
	Em      C          G       A
	Let the rain fall. Let the rain fall 
        Em      C              G      A
	Let the rain fall. I'm coming clean...[Em  C]

	Lets go back
	Back to the beginning

And that be the entire thing! Hecka fun playin' with the capo, hope you have fun too.
Neat song, O'Doyle rules, and the whole kit 'n kabootle.-Doug.