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Little Girls And Boys Chords

Little Girls and Boys   Rhythm Am/G/F                            Instruments: Acoustic                                                                                                                     Guitars 12 and 6 string
                      End of verse Am/G/F- Am/F/G                                         Piano, strings, horns
Am                         G               F                                                              Electric Lead          
Little boys love to run around					     Drums, Bass
Am                          G               F
And spread a little joy around town
Am                          G               F
Little boys they just love to play
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Little Girls are a little shy
Searchin hard to find that special guy
Little girls they don’t wanna play
Am                            Em                      Am
Little girls no they don’t wanna play

Musical break: Rhythm Am/F/G
Electric Guitar Solo
Redo intro music: Strings/Electric/Rhythm/Horn sounds

Little boys just wanna mellow out
Fool around and turn hearts inside out
Little boys they just wanna play
Little boys they wont run away

Little Girls just wanna settle down
Fall in love, and tell all the world about
Little girls don’t you run away
Am                        Em                  G
Little girls no don’t  you run away.

F                             G
There will come a day
                     Em                F
 When we all make a choice
F                                  G
We can turn old and grey
                 Em                  F                    G                Am.........
Or stay, little girls and boys