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Believe In America Chords

Believe (in America)   Bb Eb F     F Eb Bb    Lead Bb F Gm Eb

Bagpipe intro Played Through X2
Acoustic guitar played w/pipes second run
Cadence drums start on second run
kick drum continues
An Island East of Ireland
Beneath the moonlight sky
Irish boys are running free
through the fields tonight

Congos begin and play through entire verse
Off An Island East in America ...
We Watched the buildings  burn
With our children standing by
What have they learned
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Dual 12 String Guitars bring in chorus with Drum rolldowns
String section follow chorus chords
I believe in Freedom
without the fear of War
I believe in things worth fighting for

I believe in Miracles
Yes and I Believe in Love
And I believe in America
yes I believe in America   Eb...............Bb/Oboe Solo/With Strings

Kick drum
In a smokey bar up in Canada
A patron Falls Asleep
A barmaid softly Brushes by
As she prepares to Sweep

congos play throughout verse
Somewhere deep in America
Far Beneath  her tragic scars
America runs strong and free
Can you feel her beating heart......  (Floor Tom pounding)

Oh, yes I believe in Freedom
With out the fear of War
And I believe in Things worth fighting for
And I believe in a Miracle
And I believe in God
Yes, and I believe in America
Yes, And I Believe in America

Lead Guitar solo/ With Strings
Bagpipe Ending: with Cadence drums fading in then out