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Canned Music    Dan Hicks
G7=334353   G6=354353

[G7-G6 alternate between the two]              G7
Canned music, canned music, playing on the radio
[C7-C6 alt]                                         [G7-G6]
Canned music, canned music, with out a doubt it doesn't go
[D7-6]                       [C7-C6]
Favorites on the jukebox are only half the show when it's
[G7-G6 alt]
Canned music, canned music
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[G7-G6 alt]                                G7
A little before she left me,    I asked her what it's all  a- bout
[C7-C6 alt]                     [G7-G6 alt]        G7
She said I feel like dancin', I feel like stepping out
I took her with the van, where the 
[C7-C6]                        [G7-G6 alt]
Band was on the stand, playin' Live music live music 

She got us on the dance floor, to me it was a sight
I never seen my baby movin', like the moves she made on me that night
I did not have a chance the way that music made me dance, it was ah
Live music, live music

    Repeat Chorus -  Instrumental

The rhythm was all around us, we was really steppin' out
My baby said I'm livin' for this music, I asked her what it's all about
She said I'm just a silly girl, this stuff has got me in a whirl
It's just some live music, live music

And that was the night she left me, danced herself into my memory
My baby had to leave me for the drummer,
I guess I'll never solve that mystery
I think I've learned my lesson just don't get too near the band
When it's live music, live music

A little before she left me, I asked her what it's all about
She said she feel like dancin', she feel like steppin' out

Submitted by Scott Traub 9/2000