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Pink Bubbles Go Ape Tab

---=== Jussi Finnila, jaf@kuovi.oulunsalo.fi ===---
---===    http://kuovi.oulunsalo.fi/~jaf/    ===---
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HELLOWEEN: Pink Bubbles Go Ape
from album 'Pink bubbles go ape'
tabbed by: Jussi Finnila

Some people are much too smart
They know everything before it starts
Eating wisdom with the pail
No wonder when it sticks
B               B           F#                 B      a: 2
In your darkest hour I will sing this song for you    e:   5 4 2
E                B
Cry and tell and slander yell
    a               F#                B
and grumble well so loud for heaven's sake
                        E (pick this chord backwards)
Pink bubbles go ape!