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Cats In The Cradle Chords

Harry Chapin - Cats in the Cradle

For the Intro I play a simple chord melody --> [E](7th fret) [D](1st position)
[E](1st position) using these chords with a lot of ornimentation -- not seen here.
Listen to the original song to hear the intro melody. I don't play this version with
a capo as it fits my voice better without one - however use a capo if needed.  Almost
all of the chords used are basic 1st position chords, unless you want to play them
elsewhere. The A/C# Chord is just an "A" Chord with a C# (A-string-4th fret) in the
bass. Here are all the chord fingerings.
 E-022100  G-320033  A-002220  D-000232  A/C#-X42220 Bm-224432 C-032010
Questions/Comments . . . Ian C.T. vom Saal - ianvomsaal@cs.com
(Verse 1)
My [E] child arrived just the [G] other day, He [A]came to the world in the [E] usual way
But there were [E] planes to catch and [G] bills to pay, He [A] learned to walk while I [E] was away	   
And he was [D] talking 'for I [A/C#] knew it, and [Bm] as he grew
He said [G] "I'm gonna [Bm] be like [E]you, dad, you [Bm]know I'm gonna [D]be like [E]you"
And the [E] cat's in the cradle and the[D] silver spoon,

[G] Little boy blue and the [A] man in the moon
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[E] "When you commin' home dad?" "I [D] don't know when,
But [G] we'll get [Bm]together then[E], You [G] know we'll have a [Bm]good time [E]then"
(Verse 2)
My [E] son turned ten just the [G] other day, He said [A] "Thanks for the ball dad, come [E] on let's play
Can you [E] teach me to throw", I said [G] "Not today I got a [A] lot to do", He said [E]"Thats OK"
He [D] walked [A/C#] away but his [Bm] smile never dimmed,   
He said [G] I'm gonna [Bm] be like [E] him, yeah, You [Bm] know I'm gonna [D] be like [E]him
(Verse 3)
Well he [E]came from college just the [G]other day, So [A] much like a man I just [E]had to say
"Son I'm [E]proud of you can you [G]sit for a while?" He [A]shook his head and he[E] said with a smile,
"What I'd [D]really like [A/C#] dad is to [Bm] borrow the car keys, 
[G]See you [Bm] later can I [E]have them please?"
*(Instrumental Bridge)*
[C] - [D] - [Bm] - [E] 2X
(Verse 4)
I've [E] long since retired, my [G]son's moved away, [A] I called him up just the [E] other day
I said "I'd [E]like to see you if [G]you don't mind", He said "I'd[A] love to dad if I could[E]find the time,
You see the my [D]new job's a[A/C#]hassle and the [Bm]kids have the flu         
But it's [G]sure nice [Bm]talkin' to [E]you dad - It's [G]sure nice [Bm]talkin' to[E] you"

And as I [D]hung up the [A/C#]phone it [Bm]occurred to me,
He'd [G]grown up [Bm]just like [E]me
My [G]boy was[Bm] just like [E]me
And the [E]cat's in the cradle and the [D]silver spoon, [G]Little boy blue and the [A]man in the moon
[E]"When you commin' home son?" "I [D]don't know when, But [G]we'll get [Bm]together then[E], Dad,
(slowly) . . . We're [G]gonna have a [Bm]good time [E]then"
*(Intro Slowly)*