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Devils Radio Chords

Devils Radio
Album: Cloud Nine (1987)
Artist: George Harrison

A catchy tune that conveys George's thoughts about the press who have nothing better to do than to report misleading information, rumours and innuendo.
It is one of the catchiest numbers from the sublime Cloud Nine album which may get re-released in a few months time to the delight of any music fan.

G B G E x2 (chorus and intro)

C#m  B  E  (verse)

A  B  E

C#m  B  G#m

B  E

[ Tab from: http://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/harrison_george/devils_radio_crd.html ]
fill --------------------

C#m  B  E

A  B  E

C#m  B  G#m


G  B  G  E  x2

A  E  A  B  (middle eight)



(middle eight part again)



fade out with the chorus playing over and over.

Great snappy little rock tune which prooves that George could write a catchy pop tune