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Amsterdam Chords

Guster - "Amsterdam"

Tabbed by: J.A.

This is a great new song off their new CD "Keep It Together". I think this is
pretty much correct - i'm not finished with the intro but i think its just G-C-D.
it would probably work like that if you want to try it.

Standard tuning

Verse 1
G               C
Threw away your greatest hits
    D                  C
You left them here the day you split
G               C
Bass guitar and shag CD 
     D                   C
Well they dont mean that much to me right now
I'm goin through your things
These days
I'm changin' all my strings

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                      G       Em
Gonna write you a letter
                 Bm           C
Gonna write you a book
                 G            Em
Wanna see your reaction
Wanna see how it looks
                   Am                       C
From way upon your cloud, you've been hiding out
Are you getting somewhere
Or did you get lost in Amsterdam

post-chorus riff: G-Em-D-Dadd9-C

Verse 2
G                C
You wont get too far from me
D              C
Believing everything you read
    G             C                 D            C
You wasted in the great unknown and I am finally ready to dispose
Of all your village clothes
Your drugs
Every secret code


post-chorus riff

Verse 3

From your red balloon you were

A super-high tech jet fighter

Floating over planet earth come back down here I'll show you where it hurt

Take this bitter pill

It isnt easy to swallow


post-chorus riff

G:     320033
C:     x32010
D:     xx0232
Dadd9: xx0233
Em:    022000
Am:    x02210
Bm:    x24432