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Truckin Off Across The Sky Tab

Song: Truckin' Off Across The Sky (Cummings, Winter, Kale, McDougall, Peterson)
Band: The Guess Who
Album: Live At The Paramount (1972)
Tabber: Nick Gray
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)

This song is really easy because is so repetitive all you are doing for the whole song
is basically a blues shuffle pattern riff the whole time. The song starts on the band
jamming on the shuffle pattern blues in E until they start to play the song when the
main riff comes in. 

Main Riff (2:06)  
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The only other change in the song is when Burton sings the line "Truckin Off Across
The Sky" which goes 


Play the A chord four times over the line until Burton says the word "Across" then
play the B chord, then play the main riff when he says "The Sky". During the last 4
lines (6:10) of the song play a E chord slowly building lowder when you hit the last
line then hold it. 

Finish the song on a E chord