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Paper Lanterns Tab

green day
paper lanterns
slappy EP
tune whole step down


B5            F#5                E5             B5  
Now I rest my head from such and endless dreary time, A 

                A5             E5            E5  
time of hopes a happiness that had you on my mind, Those 

                  F#5             E5               B5
days are gone and now it seems as if I'll get some rest, 

                      A5                     E5
but now and then I'll see you again and it puts my heart to 

    B5       E5              F#5                  B5
the test, So when are all my troubles going to end, I'm 
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E5            F#5             B5   G#5              A5  
understanding now that we are only friends, to this day I'm 

asking why I still think about you

opening x2

verse (differnt lyrics


opening x2


          |----PM---|                             pck sld


Opening x4

End on: