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 This is a great song off 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.
The timing in parts can be a little tricky, but can be 
made easier by playing in drop D. Oh yeah, and can anyone
get me the solo for The Judge's Daughter? I've wanted that
for ages. Anyway, away we go... 

[ Tab from: ]


 For the solo, go here. This guy is a genius, 
and without him I wouldn't know the solo

 Just paste that into your browser.
 A D5 plays throughout the solo, I think it might carry
on 'till the end too.

Intro x 4
Verse x 6
Intro x 4
Verse x 6
Intro x 4
Bridge x 4
Solo (over D5)
Verse x 6
End on A5

And that's it. Special thanks to Sigbjorn. Any comments
etc. can go to